At Kool2B, we believe we have a moral obligation and responsibility to empower people to embrace their own individuality.


While it is extremely important to enable children and young people to develop their individuality, we also strongly believe that adults should have access to these tools too. We aim to champion personal empowerment and positive change and to make this easily accessible to everyone regardless of social status, age, sex, race or religion.


Kool2B is one of the core projects of Creating Ripples and focuses on teaching emotional intelligence and literacy. We aim to create a significant positive impact in society for generations to come. We are particularly passionate about improving mental health and reducing cyber bullying in our communities.


There are two projects under the Kool2B brand namely Kool2BKind and Kool2BHappy (Kool2BH)

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Kool2BKind focuses on acts of kindness towards people, animals and the planet.


  1. Kool2BKind enables us to understand our role in society and the positive impact we can have: In this way we can all appreciate the importance of contribution and how it feels to be a difference in our community.

  2. Kool2BKind projects enable people to empathise with the needs of others and of the environment. Appreciating how other people, animals and the planet can suffer develops sensitivity towards this suffering and builds the desire to contribute towards a solution. It also creates a sense of gratitude within us all and an awareness of what we already have in life.

  3. There is significant evidence that fostering gratitude, kindness and contribution leads to less mental health issues, which currently affects a significant proportion of the population.


Kool2BKind projects are centred on communities starting with work we can do in our own homes. This work is supported through clubs (such as dance clubs or football clubs), community centres and schools. Children’s clubs are amazing opportunities for children to socialise and experience the power of cooperation. Unfortunately they can also sometimes unwittingly create unwanted pressure on children due to “pushy parent” syndrome. We believe that re-focusing clubs and other community hubs on a culture of kindness and cooperation will create a more positive environment for people to thrive.


  1. Kool2BKind is a hub where parents, teachers, other adults, young people and children can access kindness projects through home, community clubs and school. It also encourages people to develop their own ideas that will be shared with the rest of the Kool2BKind community.


The Kool2BKind community, which will operate on a number of social media platforms, champions the success of community members. It encourages members to share inspiring stories and projects of how their acts of kindness have created an impact. This will inspire others to do the same, and so the Ripples of kindness continue...

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  1. Kool2BHappy is a project to develop happiness and confidence in people through a combination of specially developed lessons and a number of supporting products including our flagship Kool2BH “IAM” cards. We have engaged a specialist consultant in educational development to create five core lessons in this area.

  2. The Kool2BH “IAM” cards feature a number of characters that enable people to easily identify and relate to positive messages. The “IAM” cards are available at cost for use in schools in conjunction with the educational lessons. Parents can also purchase Kool2BH “IAM” cards at retail price to support their children’s development at home. We believe that this work should start in the home and be supported at school and other community centres.

  3. The five lessons are free to download for schools. These lessons enable teachers to work with children and young people to develop their happiness and confidence. They can be delivered as a PowerPoint presentation or physical copies can be printed for use in lessons at schools.

  4. Kool2BH uses tools such as positive affirmations to help people to focus on positive thoughts and emotions. This enables them to access happiness and confidence internally rather than relying on external influences for these emotions. This enables them to access positive thoughts and feelings more easily and consistently thus reducing the likelihood of mental health issues.

  5. The outcome of Kool2BH is to produce a culture where happiness and confidence are considered the norm in everyone. Happiness and confidence are infectious and so these ripples will continue…