The Kool2B projects were a result of Mudrika attending a number of talks at her children’s’ school about mindfulness and cyber bullying. After learning the significant number of children with mental health issues, she began to think about how she could support her children and their friends to avoid developing these issues. She began looking for products and tools for them to use to develop a positive mindset. She wanted to bring them up to be grounded, happy, confident children who were emotionally intelligent, passionate, and embraced their own individuality. This led to the development of the “IAM” cards and other products.

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Modern Society - Dangers

Through technology and social media: children, young people and adults are comparing themselves to a very superficial world. We constantly see posts of all the good things that are happening in people’s lives – we compare the best tip of their iceberg to everything that is happening in our own lives – including the not so good things. Pictures are photoshopped to create a false sense of reality, facts are distorted and exaggerated and we are constantly reminded of all the things we don’t have. This can create a feeling of lack and inferiority. Mudrika believes we all need to learn to appreciate what we have and to not always look for instant gratification.


We are better connected via technology than ever before and yet we often don’t know real people. We also have cyber bullying. Technology has made bullying easier because it doesn’t need to be done in person, it can be done anonymously and yet it has the same devastating effect – in fact the damage can be even more devastating because it is so public.


Children are being made to grow up too quickly and are not allowed to enjoy just being children. In this information age they are exposed to inappropriate material way too early. Something needs to be done.


Mudrika believes Kool2B will help children, young people and adults to be more grounded, to have a sense of fulfillment and to appreciate what they have more. It will also help them to have emotional intelligence so that they can cope with challenges better in today’s world.


Mudrika remembers her mum as the kindest person she has ever known. She started this charity in her name because she taught Mudrika so much. She also doesn’t believe in coincidences. Two of the original people who helped her develop this charity have also lost their mothers. So this is dedicated to their memory too. 



Mudrika realised that as well as continuing the Ripples of her mum and creating Ripples of her own, that she also wanted others to be inspired to become ‘Ripple Makers’, whether big or small, knowing that every Ripple creates a difference. 

Mudrika wanted to create bigger Ripples through projects such as education, effective lending and microlending. That is why Creating Ripples was born.


Mudrika would like to acknowledge everyone that is making Ripples right now. Whether it is children, young people or adults, parents or teachers, friends or coaches. You are all being the difference, creating Ripples every minute of every day.




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